Copywriting Job

We’re Type A Media a boutique SEO company that works 4 days a week on some of the coolest sites on the web.

Armed with specced out Macbook’s & fancy Bose headphones we attack SEO from all angles, from 200 point forensic technical audits to keyword research and content gap analysis powered by machine learning to outreach and digital PR campaigns to get links in the biggest websites in the world

We’re powered by a private training suite of over 200 custom SEO videos that take a day and a half to consume….if you were mad enough to watch them all at the same time. We’re also powered by our gourmet coffee subscription, which is provided for free on top of a host of other office based perks.

Our office is in London Bridge next to a fancy gym, that you get access to for free, and is in close proximity to some of the best restaurants in London, which we take you and the team to once a month.

We’re not bothered about you having the perfect CV, we want someone that’s intelligent, industrious and fun to be around.



This role is mid-level position for people with at least 2 years copy experience. Please note this is not a creative copywriter role. I.e. you will not be writing copy for ads and straplines for brands. You will be writing longer form stories and article. Think more Fleet Street than Madison Avenue

You’ll be expected to be able to switch between

  • Writing web copy
  • Proofreading and editing
  • Conducting research
  • Finding cool content angles for PR pieces
  • Writing blog posts
  • Writing press releases
  • Writing product descriptions (they are cool products, we promise.)

You would also be expected to have basic knowledge or the ability to learn quickly:

  • Uploading copy to content management systems like WordPress and Magento
  • Sourcing images and media to enrich the pieces you are writing
  • Being able to schedule posts of social media

In an ideal world you would have some social media experience and be able to adapt your content for each of the major platforms.

As we are an SEO agency we would expect you to know some rudimental SEO practices related to content however, we are more looking for an excellent writer looking for varied and stimulating projects, not a someone to sit in a SEO sausage factory pumping out endless keyword rich articles that no one will actually read.



  • Work to deadlines
  • Communicate effectively with the delivery teams and project manager
  • Have a degree of commercial knowledge and be able to use words to sell products effectively
  • Have a creative curiosity and be able to dig into a topic to come up with fresh ideas
  • Think laterally and be able to look at a dataset and ‘see the story’ in it



  • Highly fluent native english language ability
  • Be able to pass a spelling and grammar test



  • You’ve never worked in an agency or held a dedicated copywriting in-house SEO role
  • You have only ever written SEO articles
  • You want to run creative ad campaigns



  • You’ve been in a small agency and want to spread your wings in a friendly environment
  • You want to work in a family environment with relaxed people
  • You want your work to matter and make a difference
  • You want to work on big brands AND niche e-commerce sites
  • You’re self motivated and like taking the bull by the horns



  • If you have aspirations to speak at conferences
  • You are keen to teach the basic principles of being a great copywriter
  • You have basic graphic design skills
  • You are an ex journalist/PR