Community Manager

Level: Executive

Salary Band: £21-26K p/a

Epic Benefits: 4 day work weeks


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About the Job

Being a community manager is great. You get to work with a bunch of cool brands and help them deliver their message to their customers and be on the front lines of communication. However, there is a major downside. You need to deal with angry customers and bossy brand managers that want it to be “just right” plus there is always that one client in a boring industry that you need to pump yourself up for.  

Our Community managers are different

At Type A Media, our community managers get all the upside of being a community manager without any of the downside. Instead of working with brands and talking to their customers, our community managers work with journalists at national magazines and newspapers to build relationships to help our PR team.

From Vogue to Wired to the Guardian to Liverpool Echo, you’ll be expected talk to journalists about their articles and provide them any information that they need in order to make their next article great.


You will sit in the PR team and will report to a PR manager. You will work with our creatives and copywriters and help them make our clients content by briefing them on the hot trends that your contacts care the most about.

A typical day in the life of our community manager would involve being on Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn, finding journalists that write about topics our clients care about and building relationships with them. You would do this by tweeting at them, liking their content, DMing them with opinions and follow up articles, scheduling our own content, taking part in twitter talks and all manner of communication on the social channels. 

Growth and Learning

You would be working with our creative team to learn how to make great content that resonates with journalists as well as our PR chief to learn how to craft stories and pitches to get your content featured in some of the biggest publications in the world.

You will also learn about the business end of marketing and start to use enterprise marketing tools and analytics to make better day to day brand decisions.

Must Haves

  • Previously worked in a marketing capacity at an agency or as an in-house brand ambassador
  • Be experienced in building community initiatives on blogs, forums or social platforms
  • Hands on social media experience for brands
  • Knowledge of online marketing campaigns
  • Experience working as part of a marketing team and reporting into the wider business to keep brand messaging consistent


  • Used social media scheduling tools like Buffer and Sprout Social
  • Have build a community of fans in the past
  • Have your own social media following

Nice to Haves

  • Grit and gumption
  • Experience with analytics
  • A desire to grow into a more sophisticated marketing role over time
  • A knowledge of SEO

About Type A

To our clients we are a trusted guide in an unmapped world and to our colleagues we are a working family connected by a love of learning and internet obsession…… as well as an epic animated gif game on slack.

As our off the cuff video with some of the team professed….we’re super cool dudes.



But, in all seriousness there is a family dynamic to the team with everyone always eager to lend a hand and help out. The pace of work is faster than other work environments due to the fact we only work 4 days. We use project managers as buffers between the delivery teams and the clients so you can get your head down and not be interrupted by constant external and internal communication.

High Spec Tech

Everyone is furnished with a high end macbook pro as well as every tool in the known SEO universe.

4 day work weeks

We believe in quality over quantity, so we work in a completely different way to 99% of the industry.

London Bridge Office

Our office is incredibly easy to get to being only 5 mins walk from London Bridge Station.

No distractions

Everyone gets Bose noise cancelling headphones in order to help focus in on the important things.

Interesting Project Work

We work on some of the coolest sites on the web, from the biggest facebook page in the world to a global beer brand and everything in between.

Highly Caffeinated

We have a subscription to the gourmet coffee service The Roast Club, which is the side business of our very own Stu Edwards.

Gym Membership

Fitness is really important to Type A, that’s why you get a membership at the lovely Soho Gyms.

Well Paid

It should go without saying but we are one of the best paying agencies in London.

Crispy 50

We have a weekly Crystal Maze like competition called the ‘Crispy 50’ where you can win a crisp £50 note for your weekend drinks.

Team Outings

We go out every month as a team to do something fun, unwind and get to know one another.


We hold a bi-annual company party where we have a big blow out meal and go out afterwards.


A well stocked beer fridge, spirit cabinet and some of the best coffee in the world.

How to Apply

If you’re interested in Type A then send your linked in profile to [email protected] and we can get the ball rolling