Our SEO Brief

Casumo wanted to get coverage in national newspapers and high authority sites without spending an arm and a leg on creative content with a high flop risk.

Our approach

Keyword research

We started off by conducting keyword research to understand the marketplace we were competing in and to help us draw up a new navigation for the impending site migration.

Using our search console API tool, we cross referenced our keyword research with Google’s data to understand the pages that needed to be built in order to help the site rank.

Link Building

Having a brand new domain meant that it would be an uphill struggle to grown domain authority and send Google the correct signals that the site was a world class fintech platform. Therefore, we devised a strategy, not to dissimilar to the way a venture capitalist invests their money. We decided on several “go big, or go home” campaigns with the express interest in only one of them actually “hitting” and gaining a large flurry of inbound links.

Reactive PR

One of the concepts was to run a reactive PR piece around a recent Ryanair debacle, where the airline had cancelled almost half a million flights and notified customers by dumping flight data into a massive unsearchable PDF.

Tieing in Brand Values

As the client’s brand value included empowering small businesses and “helping the little guy” we decided to pounce on the Ryanair news and, with help from the client development team, made a searchable tool to help all the stranded passengers


The piece exploded and was picked up by 20 different titles including Business Insider, The Evening Standard and the Metro. As a result the site received more traffic in a day that they are accustomed to in a month and the site went from several hundred pages in the index to several thousand.

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