Paid and Organic Search

Pooky wanted to grow top line revenue using paid and organic channels, keeping CPA to a minimum so they could still remain profitable whilst going through growth period.

Our approach

Product Feeds

We started off by setting up product feed ads to showcase their beautiful products. To optimise we had to completely rewrite all the titles and descriptions of the products on the merchant centre and add them as a supplemental feed.

We also introduced showcase ads for each of their product categories and started testing our mobile and desktop bidding strategy to get the right mix of discovery and converting clicks to drive enough revenue at an acceptable CPA.

Landing page optimisation

After the traffic started to flow we started to create more landing pages that were tightly optimised towards the ad copy and the original keyword intent of the user, this drove up our quality score across the account and reduced the overall cost of the ads, allowing us a little bit more wiggle room to run experimental ads

Single Keyword Ad Groups

We got to work optimising all of the campaigns down to single keywords. For extra control, we spit out the ad groups according to match type, making sure to negative them from one another. Thi gave us the ultimate in bidding control and allowed us to really squeeze as much value out of the account as humanly possible.


After working out the customer lifecycle from first click to last, we worked our the perfect mix of initial clicks and remarketing spend to drive even more conversions through the accounts.


The client experienced over £1mm in incremental revenue from paid search.

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