Link building brief

CMC were looking to gain top shelf links from some of the biggest publications in the world to help bolster their technical SEO efforts.


Our approach

Link Strategy

The client was struggling to build quality links to their key pages in the UK, Europe and APAC so Type A quickly got to work establishing a strategy that would allow us to pitch stories to the top journalists of the finance world at scale.

Asset Audit

We used our standard REST methodology (research, strategy, tactics) We started by conducting an asset audit to uncover any link worthy content that the client already had. Much to our delight we found out that their in house analysts were consistently pumping out trading and finance news about the stock market that was well received by the press and the forex community.

Link reclamation

Therefore, we got to work with a program of link reclamation that involves finding unlinked mentions of the clients brand (in this case analyst opinions and quotes), finding the journalist that originally published the piece and reaching out to get a link added back to the source.

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