Canonical Chronicle - Episode 29 - June Algorithm finally finished! How do you do?

In this video

In this weeks roundup of SEO news we discuss:

  • the latest update from Yoast SEO plugin for WordPress

  • Bing announcement of batch mode to blast up to 10K URLs via API

  • June Algorithm finally finished! Did you get a big old Google slap

  • Google engineer John Muller stated that Google does not use use any authority metrics

  • And much, much more!

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Ross: 00:00 Stroll into the party like my name is El Nino.

Ross: 00:02 Well, I'm hanging out drinking in the back of an El Camino.

Ross: 00:05 Welcome to Canonical Chronicle episode 7,000,002,

Ross: 00:10 let's get into it.

Ross: 00:17 Now we're not really wanting to review products on the Canonical Chronicle,

Ross: 00:20 but this latest update from the Yoast SEO Plugin for WordPress is outstanding.

Ross: 00:27 You can now easily insert FAQ, structured data into the pages within the interface.

Ross: 00:35 So why is structured data so important? To answer that question,

Ross: 00:39 I present to you this mobile SERP for the query London to Paris.

Ross: 00:44 So firstly, you're going to be scrolling so much that

Ross: 00:46 you will visibly age before you actually get to the first organic result.

Ross: 00:52 And then we get these three answered questions

Ross: 00:54 and this button that hits show more.

Ross: 00:57 When clicked it expands to totally take over the page.

Ross: 01:02 Now people think this is great as it takes up more SERP real estate,

Ross: 01:06 but I personally think we need to wake up and stop trading in

Ross: 01:11 short-term gains for long-term fails. Let me give you an example,

Ross: 01:15 I done a search for hemorrhoids yesterday for work and

Ross: 01:18 there was so much information on the SERP that I had a zero click experience,

Ross: 01:23 or should I say I had a multi click experience, but I didn't actually click away from Google.

Ross: 01:29 Talk about a massive pain in the ass.

Ross: 01:33 Remember when Bing announced that you can submit URLs via API?

Ross: 01:34 Well, the API call was a touch slow with only one being allowed at each time.

Ross: 01:45 Good news, you can now blast through 10,000 at once,

Ross: 01:50 so that's pretty cool, I guess.

Ross: 01:52 Now I can get my URLs indexed in a search engine

Ross: 02:01 only used by old people who don't know how to change their browser

Ross: 02:05 and also people using Microsoft Edge because they're locked into a corporate IT policy, great.

Ross: 02:13 If you've noticed a bunch of mobile traffic disappearing

Ross: 02:15 it maybe because it is yet another Google bug, how fun.

Speaker 2: 02:22 Computer says, "No."

Ross: 02:23 Google have come out and said,

Ross: 02:24 "It's a known bug and they're looking to fix it."

Ross: 02:27 I don't know about you, but is it because we've got so much news nowadays,

Ross: 02:30 or maybe search is becoming so complicated,

Ross: 02:33 but there's being an unprecedented amount of bugs from Google

Ross: 02:37 over the last six months.

Ross: 02:39 I suppose it's all part of running a technology company,

Ross: 02:41 but when billions of people are using your service,

Ross: 02:44 it just goes to show that these tiny little issues can really blow up.

Ross: 02:48 Let's stick to the classic answer.

Ross: 02:50 It's not a bug, it's a feature.

Ross: 03:04 So that is the June algorithm update finally done.

Ross: 03:07 So how did you do? Did you get a big old Google slap?

Speaker 3: 03:11 Barry.

Speaker 4: 03:14 What's going on here?

Speaker 5: 03:15 sir, I'm arrest...oh.

Ross: 03:19 Or have the algorithmic gods looked kindly upon you

Ross: 03:22 and blessed you with good fortune and you're now going

Ross: 03:25 for one of your daily swims in your newly acquired mountain of money.

Ross: 03:37 Now we don't have a massive data set at Type A,

Ross: 03:39 but from what we can see there are a couple of things that

Ross: 03:43 all the sites have had in common that have been affected.

Ross: 03:45 Sites with good content clustering and the smart URL patterns

Ross: 03:49 have all seen an increase.

Ross: 03:51 Sites with horrific technical issues that were previously held up

Ross: 03:55 by a really strong backlink profile have went down considerably.

Ross: 03:59 Sites with high degrees of content cannibalisation and

Ross: 04:02 poorly organised content have also went down quite a bit.

Ross: 04:06 Now our analysis is far from scientific,

Ross: 04:09 but please do subscribe to this channel

Ross: 04:11 as we will be putting a special winners and losers video

Ross: 04:14 at the end of the month with a deep dive into exactly what's happened.

Ross: 04:18 In a recent webmaster hangout banana aficionado and yogurt Emperor,

Ross: 04:23 Google Engineer John “Crunch Corner” Muller

Ross: 04:26 has said that Google do not use any authority metrics.

John: 04:31 In general, Google doesn't evaluate a site authority.

Ross: 04:37 Right, so the way to read into this particular riddle is

Ross: 04:41 that they don't have a hard line metric for determining authority

Ross: 04:45 like the backlink tools have.

Ross: 04:47 However, they do use a combination of factors to weigh up

Ross: 04:50 if a document should be ranked above another.

Ross: 04:54 One of those metrics will be how the overall domain presents itself, i.e. its authority.

Ross: 05:01 As an SEO, what is this magical thing that you can

Ross: 05:03 do to build authority onto your site?

Ross: 05:06 You guessed it, build some links.

Ross: 05:09 That's everything for this week's Canonical Chronicle,

Ross: 05:11 we hope you liked it.

Ross: 05:12 Please do follow us on social, and don't forget to subscribe,

Ross: 05:15 but until next time, we will see you later.