Canonical Chronicle - Episode 41 - Improved data freshness in Search Performance Report

In this video

In this episode our MD Ross Tavendale goes over Search Console improvements: data freshness in Search Performance Report & Breadcrumb reporting and ...much much more!

We discuss:

  • Search Console gets Fresh Data

  • Breadcrumb reporting in search console

  • Google re-iterated that sites that syndicate may be outranking you if they don’t canonical to the original source.

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Ross: 00:00 Welcome to this week's Canonical Chronicle,

Ross: 00:02 where absolutely nothing has happened in search,

Ross: 00:04 but we're going to produce a show anyway because you know, content.

Ross: 00:08 So, let's get into it.

Ross: 00:10 Do you ever come in to work over the weekend and try

Ross: 00:17 pull a search console report, only to find that it says...

Speaker 2: 00:20 Computer says, no.

Ross: 00:23 Well, that's because there was a lag in getting the data out of about three days,

Ross: 00:27 so you couldn't run reports that are up to date at the end of each reporting cycle every month.

Ross: 00:33 And you know us data hungry SEO's, we are constantly saying to Google...

Speaker 3: 00:36 Please sir, I want some more.

Ross: 00:39 So good news.

Ross: 00:41 John Muller's announced that the data is going to be updated at most 24 hours old.

Ross: 00:47 So now you can run really accurate reports in a much shorter reporting time scale.

Ross: 00:52 This is particularly good news for people that need to do weekly reporting,

Ross: 00:55 or for retailers that want to see site performance during big sales week,

Ross: 01:00 or really just anyone that needs fresh data with minimum feedback times.

Ross: 01:04 It's like Christmas for SEOs, as we're getting lots and lots of new data from Search Console.

Ross: 01:10 To be fair, I always thought John Muller looked a little bit like SEO Santa.

Speaker 8: 01:15 Santa here. I know him.

Ross: 01:17 Well, there's now a new report for breadcrumb markup inside of Search Console.

Ross: 01:21 Simply go to the enhancement section of Search Console and

Ross: 01:24 you'll see the report on how Google are interpreting your breadcrumb markup.

Ross: 01:29 To quote Aleyda, Google, you are definitely on fire lately.

Speaker 4: 01:33 You're safe, we got you.

Speaker 5: 01:34 I'm on fire.

Speaker 4: 01:34 Okay. It's all right. It's all right, you're not on fire.

Speaker 5: 01:34 I knew it, you're lying.

Ross: 01:39 Have you ever heard any advice given out in Webmaster Hangouts videos and then you were like...

Speaker 6: 01:45 Obviously.

Ross: 01:47 Well, there was such a moment this week when Google reiterated

Ross: 01:50 that sites that syndicate content may outrank you if they do not canonical to the original source.

Ross: 01:57 It comes as a little bit of a surprise last week because

Ross: 01:59 Google said they were updating the algorithm to promote more original news sources,

Ross: 02:04 yet they still can't work out who the content originator was unless the syndicated content is like...

Number 2: 02:11 My name is number two.

Ross: 02:13 So if you sell your content in some sort of content license deal,

Ross: 02:16 make sure and add a link to your contract that says they need to canonical to you

Ross: 02:21 or at least publish the content before you give it away to someone.

Ross: 02:26 That's everything for this week's Canonical Chronicle.

Ross: 02:29 We hope you've enjoyed it.

Ross: 02:30 Please do subscribe to the channel and follow us on social.

Ross: 02:33 And until next time, we will see you later.