Welcome to episode 35 of the Canonical Chronicle!

In this episode our MD Ross Tavendale goes over Google’s new video series where John Muller talks about linking practices; we also discuss improvements to Google My Business and a new report by Merkle which shows that Google is delivering less organic traffic than last year! Don’t forget to comment below what new language you want to see Ross talking in the next episode!


Ross: 00:00 [Spanish 00:00:00]

Ross: 00:03 Welcome to Canonical Chronicle, episode dos. Let’s get into it.

Ross: 00:13 So do you own an affiliate site?

Ross: 00:15 So are you crushing it right now on Amazon FBA or maybe

Ross: 00:18 you’re smashing it selling ClickBank classics like Diet Tea,

Ross: 00:24 the German Shepherd Handbook, Reiki for Horses,

Ross: 00:28 Forex Trading Made E-Z, or my personal favorite,

Ross: 00:34 which is endorsed by big Donnie himself, How To Win Any Election.

Ross: 00:40 Spoiler alert, you need to get help from Russians.

Charlie Rose: 00:43 Are you curious about America?

Ross: 00:48 If you’re running redirects on your affiliate site links,

Ross: 00:50 then don’t worry because John Mueller has just given you the all clear.

Ross: 00:54 He does mention, however, that is a little bit complex,

Ross: 00:58 so it doesn’t really matter if you use a naked affiliate link or cloak

Ross: 01:02 them via a 302 redirect. He also goes on to say that you should

Ross: 01:06 definitely smash the Like Button on this video so you can help

Ross: 01:09 us jump up the rankings on YouTube.

Ross: 01:12 Have you seen Google’s new video series with Matt Cutts 2.0, Mr. John Mueller?

Ross: 01:20 In the first episode. John answers the following question:

Ross: 01:24 Does linking to other websites help or hurt SEO?

Ross: 01:30 And his answer is it’s a complete known answer.

Ross: 01:34 He says, linking to other websites is a great way to provide value to your users.

Ross: 01:39 Oftentimes links help users find out more to check out your sources

Ross: 01:43 and to better understand how your content is relevant to the question that they have asked.

Ross: 01:50 He then goes on to talk about manipulative link practices , blahdy, blahdy blahdy, blah.

Ross: 01:55 Welcome back Google. I was kinda wondering what all those riddles and misinformation

Ross: 01:59 and FUD had went.

Ross: 02:01 So if you’re still left scratching your head, don’t worry.

Ross: 02:04 Let’s look at the Quality Raters Guidelines to get an idea of what’s going on.

Ross: 02:08 So we knew from Medic that citing sources is important to determine document quality.

Ross: 02:13 So linking out to high authority sources is probably a good idea.

Ross: 02:18 If we dive into the official guidelines on page 105 when determining page quality, they say

Ross: 02:25 “The main content of the article covers recent efforts to reform STEM education

Ross: 02:30 in the US and it includes citations from expert sources.

Ross: 02:34 This would result in something that is helpful for many or most users.”

Ross: 02:39 So there you have it. Linking out and saying your sources is a very good idea

Ross: 02:44 if you want to rank well inside of search. Let’s talk about local SERPs for local people.

Speaker 3: 02:51 This is a local shop for look at people. There’s nothing for you here.

Ross: 02:53 Recently we have seen Google really improved their GMB offering,

Ross: 02:58 which has been mostly great for small businesses.

Ross: 03:01 You may remember from a few episodes back they started to introduce the ability

Ross: 03:05 to do things like buy tickets for concerts inside the SERP itself.

Ross: 03:10 We then saw them introduce a booking engine so customers can actually book appointments

Ross: 03:14 from within the GMB interface.

Ross: 03:17 And then we predicted that eventually they’re going to take payment.

Ross: 03:21 Well we are know almost there.

Ross: 03:25 Local SEO legend Joy Hawkins pointed out on Twitter that you can know request a quote.

Ross: 03:31 She’s also provided a thread on, where it goes into deep,

Ross: 03:36 deep detail about this new feature. So when I tried to do this for Type A Media,

Ross: 03:41 I could indeed set up an Appointments page by I couldn’t get the Request a Quote

Ross: 03:45 since I’m not a US business.

Ross: 03:47 If you are a US business and you’ve opted in for the GMB messaging feature, then this will now start to show.

Ross: 03:53 It looks like Google are really doubling down on GMB

Ross: 03:56 as apart of search and it would be a really good idea to start properly optimizing

Ross: 04:01 your GMB profile and spending a bit more time getting that content really good.

Ross: 04:06 A new report that’s come out by Merkle shows that in Q2 clicks from organic search

Ross: 04:11 are down 8% year on year. And it’s not just Google, Bing and Yahoo

Ross: 04:16 are also showing declines of 26% and 11% respectively.

Ross: 04:21 In the words of Jay Sean, everything is going down, down, down, down, down.

Ross: 04:29 This report suggests that paid search on phones is actually the culprit

Ross: 04:33 of cutting into organic share.

Ross: 04:35 And to be honest, no wonder literally everything above the fold

Ross: 04:39 on a mobile phone is paid or one of those f****ng no click answer boxes.

Ross: 04:45 Just check this SERP out for train tickets.

Ross: 04:48 It’s not even above the fold four times over.

Ross: 04:52 It’s the equivalent of page two, sometimes page three rankings.

Ross: 04:56 So what are you going to do to avoid your search getting eroded?

Ross: 04:59 Well, to be honest, nothing. We are doomed.

Bender: 05:03 Doom.

Ross: 05:08 Just kidding.

Ross: 05:08 You can obviously not play in overly informational SERPs.

Ross: 05:13 Start investing a bit more money in nonorganic, probably in paid search

Ross: 05:18 and really look towards brand building as a core part of your marketing strategy

Ross: 05:23 so that your business is differentiated in the SERPs.

Ross: 05:26 That’s everything for this week’s Canonical Chronicle.

Ross: 05:28 We hope you’ve enjoyed it. If you have, please do follow us on social

Ross: 05:32 and until next time we will see you later.

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