Canonical Chronicle - Episode 28 - Deep Dive into June 2019 Algorithm update

In this video

In this week's Canonical Chronicle, we discuss:

  • The first victims of the June 2019 update

  • We explore a little term called "Diversity in Search Results"

  • New guerrilla campaign by NorthFace Jacket that received a lot of backlash

  • And much, much more.

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Ross: 00:00 Ah, ah, ah, ah. Ah, ah, ah, ah.

Ross: 00:04 We come from the land of the ice and snow,

New Speaker: 00:05 from the midnight sun where the hot springs flow.

New Speaker: 00:08 Welcome to Canonical Chronicle, episode 17,065.

New Speaker: 00:13 Let's get into it.

Speaker 2: 00:17 Ah, ah, ah, ah.

New Speaker: 00:19 We come from the land of the ice and snow-

Ross: 00:20 Last week, Google started to roll out an algorithm update

Ross: 00:23 that was pre-announced for the first time ever,

Ross: 00:26 which is always terrifying.

Ross: 00:28 It's kind of like announcing that there's a killer ghost in the room.

Speaker 3: 00:37 They're here.

Ross: 00:37 In the aftermath of the update,

Ross: 00:38 there was a lot of web masters saying

Ross: 00:40 that nothing much really happened and we were all like,

Speaker 4: 00:44 "I told you, homeboy. You can't touch this."

Ross: 00:46 But then came the news that one of the biggest

Ross: 00:50 news sites in the world has experienced a 50% decline in search share overnight.

Ross: 00:57 Now, it's too early to say why this drop has actually occurred,

Ross: 01:00 but early speculation points to a mixture of issues,

Ross: 01:03 all the way from thin content, to site speed, to overly aggressive advertising.

Ross: 01:07 As always, I'd recommend the all web masters out there ignore these headlines.

Rossr: 01:12 Regardless of what the cause of the drops are,

Ross: 01:15 it really doesn't concern you and your unique website

Ross: 01:18 in sight of the search results.

Ross: 01:21 Just remember, make sure you're following your own best practice

Ross: 01:25 and making your site better over time, earning more links,

Ross: 01:28 and building that brand.

Ross: 01:31 It looks like even Google's search results have went

Ross: 01:33 through some sort of unconscious bias training at an attempt

Ross: 01:37 to provide more diverse search results.

Ross: 01:39 I never thought an inanimate object would be classed as woke.

Speaker 6: 01:44 If you were woke, then you would talk about blockchain technology

Ross: 01:47 over avocado toast and a 6 dollar coffee that

Ross: 01:50 you didn't use the blockchain to pay for.

Ross: 01:53 I'm only kidding.

Ross: 01:54 Diversity in search results is referring to something stopping

Ross: 01:58 the same domain showing up in multiple positions for the exact same query.

Ross: 02:03 Glenn Gabe from G Interactive demonstrated

Ross: 02:05 a great example with the query "Cute drawings."

Ross: 02:10 As you can see, Pinterest has 10 results in the original SERP

Ross: 02:13 and then only two in the new SERP.

Ross: 02:17 I can only see this as a good thing for users as well as SEOs,

Rossr: 02:20 it's going to give us much more variety, which is going to lead to better results.

Ross: 02:25 Next up, advertising giant Leo Burnett came under fire recently

Ross: 02:29 for their guerrilla campaign that saw them replace all of

Ross: 02:32 the images on Wikipedia with beautiful mountains with

Ross: 02:36 the same images as people wearing North Face logos and jackets.

Speaker 7: 02:41 And, presto. You've got a huge logo in just seconds.

Ross: 02:45 A bunch of people have come out to kind of roast them for it,

Ross: 02:48 saying, "Oh this is advertising at its worst."

Ross: 02:52 But if I'm honest, it's kind of clever.

Ross: 02:55 The question is, does this type of activity actually drive results?

Ross: 02:58 Well, from an organic search point of view,

Ross: 03:01 as this graph from SEMrush shows us in the U.S.,

Ross: 03:05 nope. Traffic is as flat as a pancake.

Ross: 03:08 Okay, okay. But it's for branding and advertising, right?

Ross: 03:11 So surely at least the brand impressions went up after this campaign.

Ross: 03:16 Ah, that's awkward. Nothing.

Ross: 03:18 Well, maybe the agency Leo Burnett,

Ross: 03:20 done it to grow their own brand visibility and

Ross: 03:22 show how their creative thinking makes them stand out in a busy marketplace.

Ross: 03:27 Maybe not.

Ross: 03:31 Maybe it's not SEO that stayed after all.

Ross: 03:33 Maybe it's Ad agencies are artificially inflating media costs,

Ross: 03:36 selling in wacky, creative ideas to win awards

Ross: 03:39 rather than actually helping their clients.

Speaker 8: 03:42 Oh no she didn't.

Speaker 8: 03:42 Oh, oh no this heffer didn't.