Canonical Chronicle - Episode 18 - Google 3D/AR Integration now live

In this video

In the latest episode of our meme-infused SEO news roundup, we discuss:

  • Google announcing Algorithm Update ahead of time, that sends all SEOs in a bit of a frenzy

  • Google announces that all new sites will move to mobile first indexing and after the announcement last week at Google IO

  • Google 3D/AR integration is now live!

  • And much, much more!

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Ross: 00:00 Move bitch, get out the way. Get out the way bitch,

Ross: 00:04 get out the way. Move bitch, get out the way.

Ross: 00:07 Hello to everyone at Digital Elite Day and

Ross: 00:10 welcome to the five millionth episode of the Canonical Chronicle.

Ross: 00:13 This is a weekly YouTube show that keeps you informed

Ross: 00:16 of the latest Google news through the immortal medium of cat

Ross: 00:19 videos and internet memes.

Ross: 00:21 So, without further ado, let’s get into it.

Ludacris: 00:24 Move bitch, get out the way,

Ludacris: 00:27 get out the way bitch,

Ludacris: 00:29 get out the way.

Ross: 00:30 So this week Google pre-announced that

Ross: 00:32 they’re going to run a core algorithm update starting

Ross: 00:35 this week, June 2019.

Ross: 00:38 Now this is a first for Google, because they usually

Ross: 00:40 choose to surprise us out of nowhere.

Ross: 00:43 In fact, some of your more seasoned web masters

Ross: 00:45 out there are going to remember that they never

Ross: 00:47 really pre-announce anything.

Ross: 00:49 Remember when they wiped a bunch of us out with Panda.

Speaker 3: 00:52 His name is John Cena.

Ross: 00:56 But hey, we are resilient. We got back up on our feet,

Ross: 00:59 and we were like…

Neo: 01:01 I know kung fu.

Morpheus: 01:02 Show me.

Ross: 01:03 And we were back mastering the SERPs in no time at all,

Ross: 01:07 until the dreaded Penguin.

Speaker 6: 01:11 Shut up.

Ross: 01:12 Now a lot of people on Twitter are speculating that

Ross: 01:15 this is going to be a massive update,

Ross: 01:17 because they’re pre-announcing it.

Ross: 01:19 But Danny Sullivan, the Google search liaison officer,

Ross: 01:22 said that it’s not a particularly big deal,

Ross: 01:25 they just want to be a bit more proactive,

Ross: 01:28 so we’re not left all scratching our heads

Ross: 01:30 when some major update happens.

Ross: 01:32 Thanks Danny, much appreciate your update.

Ross: 01:35 So, as always folks, it’s good to know that the algorithms

Ross: 01:37 are being updated, but if you’re one of those people

Ross: 01:40 that’s constantly changing them and seeing these

Ross: 01:42 massive swings in your rankings, you’ve got some

Ross: 01:45 fundamental problems with your website that you need to address.

Ross: 01:48 You should not be chasing algorithms at all,

Ross: 01:52 and if you’re seeing these big swings, something’s probably wrong.

Ross: 01:56 As of the 1st of July, Google will start running mobile indexing

Ross: 01:59 as default on all brand new websites that they discover.

Ross: 02:04 That’s right, Google are literally going to call you on your cell phone.

Drake: 02:07 I know when that hotline bling. That can only mean one thing.

Ross: 02:13 So that’s right, when that hotline bling it can only mean mobile indexing.

Ross: 02:20 So Google reported the vast majority of websites

Ross: 02:22 that they crawl are now actively showing the same

Ross: 02:25 experience on desktop as well as mobile,

Ross: 02:27 hence the move to mobile first indexing.

Ross: 02:30 You can continue to use the URL inspection tool

Ross: 02:33 to check for mobile indexing, and Google have said

Ross: 02:35 that they’re going to continue to monitor older sites

Ross: 02:38 to assess them for mobile readiness.

Ross: 02:40 Next up, popular dishes have arrived in Google Maps.

Ross: 02:44 Start a counter for some bad food puns.

Ross: 02:47 All right, a tasty new feature has arrived for restaurateurs

Ross: 02:50 using Google Maps that we think users are going to eat up.

Ross: 02:54 Google will now start showing the most popular

Ross: 02:56 menu items in the restaurant, relying on the patrons

Ross: 02:59 to dish out their favourite meals and reviews.

Ross: 03:02 If you’re in the food business,

Ross: 03:04 you’ll know that reviews are the bread and butter of the business.

Ross: 03:08 So this new feature is great because it gives you

Ross: 03:10 another option to optimise your GMB profile and attract new customers.

Ross: 03:16 It’s going to be particularly useful when you take

Ross: 03:18 into consideration the Explore feature,

Ross: 03:21 which allows you to explore a destination,

Ross: 03:24 book a table and even organise things with larger groups.

Ross: 03:27 Now, all of the reviews are 100% user generated,

Ross: 03:31 so it will be up to the business owner to encourage

Ross: 03:33 the reviews and images in store. I just hope they don’t make a meal out of it.

Ross: 03:39 I mean, it could end up looking like a dog’s dinner.

Ross: 03:42 But I’m sure the users will eat it up.

Ross: 03:44 When it comes to restaurant marketing,

Ross: 03:46 I’ve never really given the GMB profile any food for thought,

Ross: 03:50 but clearly Google are hungry for market share.

Ross: 03:55 So last week at Google IO it was announced

Ross: 03:58 that they were bringing augmented reality into search.

Ross: 04:02 Well, it’s now live, and it’s a little terrifying.

Ross: 04:06 So if you Google basic things like shark,

Ross: 04:09 it’s going to launch an augmented reality version of a shark,

Ross: 04:13 and you can look at it as a 3D model.

Ross: 04:15 You can now look at a baby shark, a mummy shark,

Ross: 04:20 you get the picture.

Speaker 8: 04:23 Baby shark, doo doo doo doo doo doo.

Ross: 04:24 Baby Shark, doo doo doo doo doo doo.

Ross: 04:24 Baby shark, doo doo doo doo doo doo.

Ross: 04:25 Baby shark!

Ross: 04:28 Sorry, that’s literally going to be in your head

Ross: 04:30 for the rest of the day.

Ross: 04:32 Thank you everyone at Digital Elite Day for watching.

Ross: 04:34 Please put your hands together and welcome to the stage

Ross: 04:38 Karl Gilis, today’s keynote speaker.