Canonical Chronicle - Episode 44 - How to Implement SCHEMA for Better Results, How to Use Reviews to Sell More and much more...

In this video

In this episode we discuss:

  • How to implement schema to get rich results in the SERPs

  • Ways to leverage reviews to sell more on Google

  • How to use your logo to improve ranking

  • And we find out if is okay to have a mix of http and https content

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Ross: 00:00 If you're having SERP problems I feel bad for you, son.

Ross: 00:02 I got 99 problems but a bad link ain't one.

Ross: 00:05 Welcome to Canonical Chronicle, episode 50,000,902.

Ross: 00:08 Let's get into it.

Jay-Z: 00:12 If you're having girl problems I feel bad for you, son.

Jay-Z: 00:14 I got 99 problems but a bitch ain't one.

Ross: 00:17 So, have you ever inherited a site and looked at the markup and

Ross: 00:20 thought that your five year old cousin's crayon drawing is probably better?

Speaker 3: 00:24 Everyone knows what this image is supposed to represent.

Ross: 00:28 Well, guess what? In a recent Ask Google Webmasters video,

Ross: 00:32 John Mueller confirmed that your Markup needs to be in line

Ross: 00:36 with the guides on the Google developer website.

John Mueller: 00:39 In order to be eligible to be shown as a rich result,

Ross: 00:43 you need to make sure that the page uses the right structured data and

Ross: 00:47 that it complies with the appropriate policies on our site.

Ross: 00:50 In particular, he said, it's fine to use structured data properties that aren't listed,

Ross: 00:55 but the list on the Google Developers site is officially

Ross: 00:57 what is supported when it comes to rich snippets.

Ross: 01:01 In particular, the snippets that are supported for rich results are Article,

Ross: 01:05 Book, Breadcrumb, Carousel, Corporate Contact, Critic Review, Dataset,

Ross: 01:09 Employer aggregate rating, Event, Fact Check, FAQ, How to,

Ross: 01:12 Job Posting, Job Training, Livestream, Local business listing, Logo, Movie, Occupation,

Ross: 01:16 Product, Q&A, Recipe, Review Snippet, Sitelinks search-box, Software App, Speakable

Ross: 01:20 Subscription and paywall content, Video.

Ross: 01:24 So there you have it.

Ross: 01:24 If you want those traffic-stealing, SERP-polluting rich snippets

Ross: 01:29 so you can get a slightly higher ranking but no actual clicks on your site,

Ross: 01:34 then use the official ones on the Google site. I'm only joking,

Ross: 01:38 but if you don't have the official markup on your site then don't worry about it.

Ross: 01:43 John says that we still use it to understand the content of the page,

Ross: 01:47 which will help them rank the page for the later queries.

Ross: 01:50 In our experience at Type A Media, we like to just mark everything up within an inch of its life,

Ross: 01:55 in particular using the same as feature nested inside our structured data to really join up

Ross: 02:01 the dots for Google so nothing is left to chance. When I buy something online,

Ross: 02:06 I always look at the reviews.

Ross: 02:09 Here's a great example of a review that recently really sold the product to me.

Ross: 02:13 "This product works a treat, and I've used it everywhere they tell me not to,

Ross: 02:17 but I've learned the hard way that the hairs on your arse are an integral part of a silent fart."

Ross: 02:24 So now that Google is enhancing the product reviews with user-generated images,

Ross: 02:28 if you're a retailer, you're going to really want to pay close attention to this.

Ross: 02:33 So, if you want to take advantage of the new scheme, there are a couple

Ross: 02:36 of things you're going to need to do. Number one, add updated schema to your existing reviews email.

Ross: 02:44 So once you have the reviewer images schema added,

Ross: 02:47 then you need to actually apply to their product rating program.

Ross: 02:51 You can do that by clicking on the link that's on the screen right now, and go fill their form out.

Ross: 02:57 One thing to know: it's only available in USA at the moment,

Ross: 03:00 but it is likely to roll out in more countries soon.

Ross: 03:01 If you're an SEO and have recently looked at a mobile SERP, you were probably like,

Speaker 5: 03:12 "AHHH. NO, AH, NO!"

Ross: 03:12 ...Because when you look at a mobile result,

Ross: 03:14 it's impossible to differentiate because of all those icons they've added.

Ross: 03:19 Well, guess what? An SEO on Reddit spotted they're testing the exact same thing on desktop,

Ross: 03:26 but this time they're completely removing the URL and just showing the site name and the logo.

Ross: 03:33 Now a lot of SEO say this is a bit of a security concern because a phishing and things like that,

Ross: 03:37 but the thing is, I'm a brand guy.

Ross: 03:39 I actually think this might help with SERP differentiation and help click through there.

Ross: 03:44 Because if you get the right marketing mix showing the logo and

Ross: 03:47 the brand then it might actually increase click-through.

Ross: 03:50 Here's the thing: if someone's already heard of you and knows your logo,

Ross: 03:53 then it's highly likely they're going to click on you instead of some other

Ross: 03:56 random blue link.

Ross: 03:58 Have you ever audited a site and found that the last SEO's approach to HTTPS security was like,

Ross: 04:09 Well, guess what?

Ross: 04:10 Having mixed content on the page is no longer just a bad user expedience,

Ross: 04:15 it's quite a bad ranking factor. At the moment,

Ross: 04:18 Chrome will load the page if it's got mixed content.

Ross: 04:20 However, a recent announcement from Chrome says that,

Ross: 04:23 "We will start blocking pages with mixed content."

Ross: 04:27 So if you've got a link to a non-secure page on a secure page,

Ross: 04:31 the browser is just not going to show it.

Ross: 04:33 So many of you might be asking, "Well, what's mixed content?"

Ross: 04:36 Mixed content is non-secure content on a secure page.

Ross: 04:40 And according to Google's official documentation,

Ross: 04:43 mixed content degrades the security and user experience of your HTTPS site.

Ross: 04:48 So not only is it going to damage your rankings,

Ross: 04:51 it's now going to show a physical error in the browser like this.

Ross: 04:57 And if that doesn't kill your conversion rate and make users runaway screaming,

Ross: 05:02 I don't know what will.

Ross: 05:03 Thank you very much for watching this week's Canonical Chronicle.

Ross: 05:06 We do hope you've liked it. Please do leave a comment down below and follow us on social.

Ross: 05:10 And until next time, we will see you later.